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Frequently Asked Questions

About 3Cheers

What is 3Cheers and how does it work?

Glad you asked! 3Cheers is an easy-to-use, points-based recognition and rewards platform. You can use 3Cheers to recognize and issue points to your people online, in-person or on-the-spot for reasons that you customize. Your people can then redeem their points in our online rewards catalog, which features the latest and trendiest merchandise items, gift cards, event tickets, travel experiences and so much more!

Can we customize 3Cheers to represent my company values?

The 3Cheers platform was made to support your program, so it offers a variety of ways for you to personalize your account. You can add/edit custom reasons for recognition along with badges to align with your company values and goals. You can also further personalize the platform with a company image, logo, welcome message and unique domain name (i.e. abccompany.3cheers.com).

Are there a minimum/maximum number of members needed to enroll in 3Cheers?

3Cheers is meant to be flexible with all of our client’s needs, so the platform can support companies of any size. Our typical clients range from 50 to 2,000 employees.

Do I have to purchase a minimum amount of points?

Not at all! 3Cheers is made to work with any recognition budget - big or small. You have the ability to buy points in any amount, at any time, giving you the freedom to purchase and manage your budget on your terms and your timeline.

Will my people be shopping all day?

With over 3,000 items in our catalog, there is certainly a lot for your people to choose from. But don’t worry about them browsing while at work. Because 3Cheers is cloud-based, your employees can access their account and the rewards catalog from their home computers as well – allowing them to browse and shop in their free time.

Pricing and Payment

How much do points on 3Cheers cost?

Aside from the $250, one-time setup fee, the only cost associated with 3Cheers is the points you purchase and issue to your members. Every point costs $0.05 to purchase; no additional service fees apply. Each point is also worth the same amount ($0.05) in our reward collection when your members redeem. So 20 points = $1; 100 points = $5; 1,000 points = $50; …you get the idea.

What are my payment options?

Whether you’re creating your account or purchasing points, all purchases are made via credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express). Our streamline SSL credit card processing ensures the safety and security of all transactions.

Do I pay taxes on the points I purchase?

Point purchases do not include taxes or any other transaction fees – you really do get what you pay for!

What are the tax implications of using points?

Once points are issued to members, they are considered taxable income. Therefore, you are responsible for handling payroll tax reporting. To help make this process a little easier on you, 3Cheers reporting allows you to quickly pull transaction spreadsheets to give to your payroll team. While this is standard for most reward programs, some companies may choose to handle the tax burden for their employees. In either case, it is up to you and your internal team to decide how to report the points.

Are there shipping and handling fees when my members redeem for rewards?

As is typical with most online purchases, sales tax and shipping and handling charges apply. When your members redeem for rewards, they are responsible for paying sales tax and any other applicable shipping and handling fees. These can be paid with their points or with a credit card.

Getting Started

What information is required to sign up for a 3Cheers account?

Signing up for 3Cheers is really simple! All you need is your company information (name, size, location…etc), an email address and your credit card information for payment.

How much time does it take to set up my 3Cheers account?

Setting up your 3Cheers account takes only minutes. Once you’ve gone through the signup process, your platform will be active and ready-to-use! You can further personalize the platform with a company image, logo, welcome message and recognition reasons. From there, all you need to do is invite your members to enroll.

How do my employees enroll in 3Cheers?

In order for your employees to enroll in 3Cheers, they must have an email. You can choose to send invite emails through the platform, or share a custom link on your company intranet for employees to self-enroll - whatever works best for you and your people! Each member will have a username (their email) and password, which they will use to access their personal 3Cheers account.

What do you do with the email addresses?

Email addresses are collected so 3Cheers members can be contacted if there are any issues with the platform or a rewards order. Privacy is important to us; therefore none of our members’ information will be shared with any third parties. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Statement.